The Fourth: Thursday after the day before

Leo was accidentally locked in all day on Wednesday. He was furious. The next day he went out early. Lets see what he did…


Ignoring the early artifacting in the GPX it seems that the first thing Leo does is run around like a giddy thing. IN the first hour of his day he goes back and forth around the gardens we already know he likes to visit (behind 43 etc) and further out to the edge of the road.

It is very interesting that he avoids the back of my neighbour’s house and the neighbour on from him. His main route seems to be under the trees in my garden rather than through my neighbour’s garden. This is interesting because my neighbour tells me Leo is always in there.

After returning home briefly things get really interesting.

Leo does indeed cross two roads into the area between the Filler’s Field and Bull Grave Woods and walks along the back of the gardens and into Bull Grave Woods where he spends around thirty minutes adventuring around.

The woods are empty enough and have a steep banking down the beck in the middle but Leo seems to stay on one side of the bank and never try to cross but he does go down towards the Beck.

Then, for some reason, he races back to the houses darting a distance around the length of Crescent Walk in the space of ten seconds. He returns back much slower (around 90 seconds) and I wonder if something startled him enough to cause him to head to safe ground, but not enough to mean he does not go back.

When he does go back he goes much further than I ever thought he would. He goes down the woods and (as can be seen at the top of the map) around the field using the trees for cover and perhaps hunting mice or similar in the grass. At that point (around 10:30 I think) there will be no one around.

He is in a human-less world as he wanders back through the woods slowly. At this point he starts to go up and down 2-3m in sharp jumps which could be him climbing trees in Bull Grave Woods.

His data stops then. I’m still getting used to the tracker – but he was safe and sound at home when we returned.

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