Nine: Another Saturday wander

Leo popped his tracker on for a wander on Saturday. It was wet without being rainy and we were about (at one point I washed our cars) and he was around and about the house and garden. He took off his tracker at about two.

Lets see where he goes shall we…


The first thing to note is that Leo spends a lot of time around our house in this. He is out for six hours and early in that time he was hanging around with me as I washed cars. He watched the washing and then scampered away, and then came back. He did this for a couple of hours.

Then he set off for an explore. He took what seems to be his usual route down through the gardens and and into the Woods. We’ve walked his path there. There is mud and probably things to hunt. We lose Leo in the woods but find him again later nearer home.

He explores around the neighbourhood for a while. This time last year Leo was not allowed out and the gardens probably have some new smells and interest for him. He spends about an hour looking around Crescent Walk before heading off away… far away…

To Woodvale Way. This is far for Leo to go. He crosses the stream and climbs the bank at the other side of Bullgrave Woods very quickly and he might even go into someone’s house, or just into the garden, and then he returns equally quickly. Leo does move quickly, we know that, and these long darts are common when he goes to new places. I’m not happy at him going so far, but he is an adventurer.

He returns and does a heavy patrol session. He came into the house for a time and then kept wandering away. He goes up Crescent Walk and onto the back of Hunters Park Avenue (the rise section) again showing his darting behaviour for when he goes further than normal. This contrasts with his final behaviour where he goes slowly towards the far field and we lose him as he runs under trees.

That is a total of 5k running for Leo, and he went up 1k and down 1k. That is a big adventure for a small kitten. It seemed to tire him out as you can see…

Leo, right now

Eight: On a Saturday

Saturday and Leo was tracked all day as he left for his early morning wander.


Once again we pick him up in the field working his way back. He wanders back to the back gardens of Crescent Walk and stays penned in between the roads. I’m very pleased with the idea that Leo avoids crossing roads but the road itself was still icy yesterday – we have out own micro-climate at Crescent Walk – and perhaps he decided that he did not want to cross the road in bad conditions.

Seven: Leo on a Thursday in the snow

Snowing again in Bradford and Leo goes out early in the morning for a wander and a wee. Lets follow him…


We pick Leo up in the field on his adventures. This is probably because the tracker seems to need to move a long distance quickly to turn itself on (or leave sleep mode) and to do that in good sight of clear sky. This is something that will happen when Leo is running in the field.

Leo comes back from the field via the big house at the bottom of Hunters Park Avenue and he works his way through the inside gardens on Hunters Park Avenue and on Crescent Walk. He more or less avoids my neighbour’s garden and ends his wander back home.

This probably represents Leo’s territory. He checks out the places he knows on his morning wander and then comes home.

One thing though. Leo does not seem to stop for long enough to have a bathroom break. I wonder where he goes to go?