Seven: Leo on a Thursday in the snow

Snowing again in Bradford and Leo goes out early in the morning for a wander and a wee. Lets follow him…


We pick Leo up in the field on his adventures. This is probably because the tracker seems to need to move a long distance quickly to turn itself on (or leave sleep mode) and to do that in good sight of clear sky. This is something that will happen when Leo is running in the field.

Leo comes back from the field via the big house at the bottom of Hunters Park Avenue and he works his way through the inside gardens on Hunters Park Avenue and on Crescent Walk. He more or less avoids my neighbour’s garden and ends his wander back home.

This probably represents Leo’s territory. He checks out the places he knows on his morning wander and then comes home.

One thing though. Leo does not seem to stop for long enough to have a bathroom break. I wonder where he goes to go?

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