Twelve: Working from home

I was working from home this Wednesday, and Leo was working with me… if my job was hunting and butchering voles that is! Seriously though it is not, my job is web design and Leo’s job today seemed to be sleeping. What did he do between his sleeps?


First thing to note is we have loads of great data from the G-Paws tracker. Second thing to note is that it was a hot day today and Leo spent more time in the house than he did a few months ago. He went 5.6km in just under ten hours which contrasts to the 7km he was doing in five in the winter.

The first thing he does is go to the Quarry and have a proper investigate of what is there. He moved around the edges of the Quarry which I think it is not unused but I’m not sure. Then he comes back using his usual routes.

This tracking looks like Leo walking all the routes he normally does but slower than normal. He has had a proper wander, calm and casual, and seems to have tired himself out judging by how much he slept tonight.

This data though shows the need to come up with a new way of mapping cat tracking data. At the moment I used plug ins designed for showing bike rides. I need something a bit more suited to showing the speed of movement and how it differs.

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