Thirteen: A year of living outside

Monday the 8th of June 2015 was Leo’s first anniversary of his cat flap being installed, and his life of a cat who can come and go as he pleases starting. For one year we have watched him dart out on a morning, stroll back at night and – if we are very good – bound up the garden to see us.

On the first year anniversary Leo was tracked for an all day wander. Shall we see where he went?


Leo was out for seven hours. We found him in his donut on bed when we got home, and in that time he went over 9km. He has a long route today so we will look at his highlights.

Sometime in the morning Leo goes into Bullgrave Woods. He path takes him over the road and down to where Bradford Beck runs through the Wood. Leo spends a good deal of time on the banks of the beck running back and forth. He must be playing at this time, probably at hunt, and he must feel safe. The area itself is a little exposed to other animals and people and Leo would not spend so long in it if he did not feel safe.

Just as he does in the back garden he will be wary if anyone else is present and find cover.

He may have been “playing” with small animals (mice, etc) at this point.

He finishes his game and climbs up the Scholemoor side of Bulgrave Woods but only briefly and never breaking tree cover. He rather quickly comes back and breaks for home where (and this is hard to see above) he goes into the house for a couple of hours and probably goes to sleep.

When he comes out he returns to where his patrol left off which is the edge of Hunters Park Avenue where the Woods reach a field and walks a different route to return to the side of the Beck before returning to the street for a fairly lengthy wander around some houses and probably another sleep.

His last mission of the day takes him to the higher part of the wood near the field where he seems to climb trees. He altitude differs by a lot of meters for him to just be going up and down the banking. It was a hot day and he did not stray into the field or towards the Quarry. Instead he headed back for another sleep.

So a very Leo-like day. A little play, a lot of wandering, and a good few sleeps.

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