Seventeen: One day, two wanders

Leo went out for a double wander on the 1st of February – which was a Monday morning – having gone out at seven in the morning and seemingly investigated the graveyard at the bottom of Deep Lane. There is a lot of tree cover there and the data shows a long gap between the graveyard and the rest of his adventure.

That adventure starts at about Eight and sees Leo darting between houses. He does not seem to go into the houses so much as check that the houses – which he has probably marked – were still there. He does not seem to go to the houses in any proper order zig-zagging between outposts.


At Eleven Leo behaves differently.

Rather than charging between outposts Leo goes on a tour starting to the south of the house on Crescent Walk and walking slowly through the gardens towards Bull Grave Woods going deep into the Wood and off tracking for a while before returning to the gardens and a tour and heading home.


Sixteen: Nothing much to see here…

This was a trip Leo took at the end of 2015 on another of those rainy winter days. We notice him wandering through a field staying close to a wall probably for shelter.