Fifteen: A massive sleep

Since we last talked, cat tracker enthusiast, Leo has been to the vets after a swollen saliva gland saw his face puff up. An antibiotic course and a bit of time in the house sorted him out and he rewarded us with 4am cuddles.

Today started misty and overcast in Bradford. Leo started his tracking early at half past seven and untracked some twelve hours later. We last saw him disappearing down the neighbours drive. The data was not brilliant. It has a few jumps in it and ends early but shall we see where he went?


After a wander to the edge of the wood, but not into it, it was all paws to the field for Leo as he charged into the large dew covered grass to explore and hunt. The hunt seems to have ended quickly judging by the amount of zig-zag runs in the same area which tend to denote “mouse play”. Certainly something is being chased around and around.

Leo goes further into Bullgrave Woods but not far and he spends some time around the wood, an hour or so, before heading back to the street and clearly at one point going into the other neighbour’s house (staying briefly, he does not get along with that neighbours cats) and heads into his home where he eats and is away back to the woods.


  1. 07:27 Leo Lingers here
  2. 09:10 Leo Lingers here
  3. 09:19 Leo Lingers here
  4. 09:29 Leo Lingers here
  5. 09:50 Leo Lingers here
  1. 07:55 Leo under cover for 38 minutes.

  2. 08:36 Leo under cover for 7 minutes.

  3. 08:46 Leo under cover for 6 minutes.

  4. 09:33 Leo under cover for 14 minutes.

  5. 09:51 Leo under cover for 9 minutes.

  6. 10:23 Leo under cover for 229 minutes.

  7. 02:18 Leo under cover for 22 minutes.

However looking at his Lingers chart we see again that he spends a lot of time under trees and in fields. His 7:27 stop is, I think, hunting and his 9:50 Linger could very well be sleeping under a tree.

The most interesting part of this whole tracking comes at 10:23 when we see that Leo goes under cover a few meters from the house – probably his last track before he goes through the cat flap – and stays undercover for 229 minutes. This is a four hour sleep! We’ve always wondered what Leo’s diary is like for the day but this seems to suggest he gets up, has a small hunt, has a patrol, and after three hours out he comes back for a massive sleep.