Seventeen: One day, two wanders

Leo went out for a double wander on the 1st of February – which was a Monday morning – having gone out at seven in the morning and seemingly investigated the graveyard at the bottom of Deep Lane. There is a lot of tree cover there and the data shows a long gap between the graveyard and the rest of his adventure.

That adventure starts at about Eight and sees Leo darting between houses. He does not seem to go into the houses so much as check that the houses – which he has probably marked – were still there. He does not seem to go to the houses in any proper order zig-zagging between outposts.


At Eleven Leo behaves differently.

Rather than charging between outposts Leo goes on a tour starting to the south of the house on Crescent Walk and walking slowly through the gardens towards Bull Grave Woods going deep into the Wood and off tracking for a while before returning to the gardens and a tour and heading home.


Nine: Another Saturday wander

Leo popped his tracker on for a wander on Saturday. It was wet without being rainy and we were about (at one point I washed our cars) and he was around and about the house and garden. He took off his tracker at about two.

Lets see where he goes shall we…


The first thing to note is that Leo spends a lot of time around our house in this. He is out for six hours and early in that time he was hanging around with me as I washed cars. He watched the washing and then scampered away, and then came back. He did this for a couple of hours.

Then he set off for an explore. He took what seems to be his usual route down through the gardens and and into the Woods. We’ve walked his path there. There is mud and probably things to hunt. We lose Leo in the woods but find him again later nearer home.

He explores around the neighbourhood for a while. This time last year Leo was not allowed out and the gardens probably have some new smells and interest for him. He spends about an hour looking around Crescent Walk before heading off away… far away…

To Woodvale Way. This is far for Leo to go. He crosses the stream and climbs the bank at the other side of Bullgrave Woods very quickly and he might even go into someone’s house, or just into the garden, and then he returns equally quickly. Leo does move quickly, we know that, and these long darts are common when he goes to new places. I’m not happy at him going so far, but he is an adventurer.

He returns and does a heavy patrol session. He came into the house for a time and then kept wandering away. He goes up Crescent Walk and onto the back of Hunters Park Avenue (the rise section) again showing his darting behaviour for when he goes further than normal. This contrasts with his final behaviour where he goes slowly towards the far field and we lose him as he runs under trees.

That is a total of 5k running for Leo, and he went up 1k and down 1k. That is a big adventure for a small kitten. It seemed to tire him out as you can see…

Leo, right now

Eight: On a Saturday

Saturday and Leo was tracked all day as he left for his early morning wander.


Once again we pick him up in the field working his way back. He wanders back to the back gardens of Crescent Walk and stays penned in between the roads. I’m very pleased with the idea that Leo avoids crossing roads but the road itself was still icy yesterday – we have out own micro-climate at Crescent Walk – and perhaps he decided that he did not want to cross the road in bad conditions.

Seven: Leo on a Thursday in the snow

Snowing again in Bradford and Leo goes out early in the morning for a wander and a wee. Lets follow him…


We pick Leo up in the field on his adventures. This is probably because the tracker seems to need to move a long distance quickly to turn itself on (or leave sleep mode) and to do that in good sight of clear sky. This is something that will happen when Leo is running in the field.

Leo comes back from the field via the big house at the bottom of Hunters Park Avenue and he works his way through the inside gardens on Hunters Park Avenue and on Crescent Walk. He more or less avoids my neighbour’s garden and ends his wander back home.

This probably represents Leo’s territory. He checks out the places he knows on his morning wander and then comes home.

One thing though. Leo does not seem to stop for long enough to have a bathroom break. I wonder where he goes to go?

Sixth: Early morning wanderings in the snow

Leo did not go to sleep until two the night before this early morning walk at nine and as such he was not gagging for a wee as he normally is at this time. It was Sunday morning, it was still snowy. Let us see where he has gone.


Probably the first thing to notice is how Leo sticks to human areas on this wander. He spends a little time in the woods but mostly he is around the houses of Crescent Walk after starting his walk by going to the woods.

Kären and I had a sneaky wander around the top of the woods where Leo goes this afternoon. It has steep banks down to the beck but Leo stays away from the beck and sticks to a cat-path. He has a small run in the field but the snow was probably too deep for him and he trotted back.

Its interesting that he has a number of paths through gardens towards (or away from, in this case) the field. He has more than one route to and from the field though the houses.

In the middle of the walk he came home and sat around for a while. The tracker is not brilliant at tracking Leo sitting around and it seems that he is darting about small areas. He is not, he is very much sleeping.

He went out for another wander after his sleep which was when we were having out sneaky wander into his field. He did not go into the field but it is possible he saw us in it (or smelled, Leo’s sense of smell is good and he can sniff people before he sees them)

He went into the woods but rather than scrabbling through the mud he ran through someone’s garden and then wandered home.

Five: A cat in the snow

Leo went out at about nine for a wander and a wee after sleeping all night. Clayton was covered with snow so lets see where he goes…


First Leo’s tracker only wakes from its sleep mode as he is already far away. He is around the field near the cemetery when we pick him up and on his way back home. He cuts through a few gardens near home but takes a turn down to the woods before returning home. I suspect he had his wee before the tracker began.

Its a shame that the tracker slept at the start and hopefully future data will be fuller.

The Fourth: Thursday after the day before

Leo was accidentally locked in all day on Wednesday. He was furious. The next day he went out early. Lets see what he did…


Ignoring the early artifacting in the GPX it seems that the first thing Leo does is run around like a giddy thing. IN the first hour of his day he goes back and forth around the gardens we already know he likes to visit (behind 43 etc) and further out to the edge of the road.

It is very interesting that he avoids the back of my neighbour’s house and the neighbour on from him. His main route seems to be under the trees in my garden rather than through my neighbour’s garden. This is interesting because my neighbour tells me Leo is always in there.

After returning home briefly things get really interesting.

Leo does indeed cross two roads into the area between the Filler’s Field and Bull Grave Woods and walks along the back of the gardens and into Bull Grave Woods where he spends around thirty minutes adventuring around.

The woods are empty enough and have a steep banking down the beck in the middle but Leo seems to stay on one side of the bank and never try to cross but he does go down towards the Beck.

Then, for some reason, he races back to the houses darting a distance around the length of Crescent Walk in the space of ten seconds. He returns back much slower (around 90 seconds) and I wonder if something startled him enough to cause him to head to safe ground, but not enough to mean he does not go back.

When he does go back he goes much further than I ever thought he would. He goes down the woods and (as can be seen at the top of the map) around the field using the trees for cover and perhaps hunting mice or similar in the grass. At that point (around 10:30 I think) there will be no one around.

He is in a human-less world as he wanders back through the woods slowly. At this point he starts to go up and down 2-3m in sharp jumps which could be him climbing trees in Bull Grave Woods.

His data stops then. I’m still getting used to the tracker – but he was safe and sound at home when we returned.

Third try – Sunday morning wanderings

Leo has been out for a morning wander. Ignore the long straight lines on the left – those are the tracker trying to get a position – but look rather at the clump on the right. Of course the tracker clicks every 3 seconds and a 19 month year old cat can cover a long distance in that time meaning it is possible he has run those distances. More data will tell us if that is a route he takes often or a blip.


We can start to see Leo’s path through the gardens. He goes to the corner of Crescent Walk but not to the road which is interesting and it is also interesting that he ignores the neighbours garden considering that the neighbour spends a lot of energy complaining that Leo has been in his garden.

I suspect the large spider mess of the map in the bottom right is where we would find Leo’s seven lost collars.